Babies On Board: See Every Bundle Of Joy Born On This Season's '16 And Pregnant'

The stork brought seven boys and six girls -- and we're taking a look back at all of them!

Twelve teens gave birth to seven boys and six girls -- including a set of twins -- during this season of "16 and Pregnant." Viewers will see how much the babies have grown on tonight's "16 and Pregnant Reunion" special, but in the meantime, we're taking a look back at all of Season 5's birth announcements -- and retracing the path to each baby's arrival. Get ready for an overload of cuteness:

Maddy's daughter Aubrey. Shortly after Maddy met her boyfriend Cody on Facebook, the high school junior became pregnant. Cody didn't see his baby girl after she was born, and the mother-daughter duo moved in with Maddy's father.

Arianna's son Aiden. Arianna and her baby-daddy Maurice fought constantly about providing financially for their son before he was even born. After Aiden's arrival, Maurice brought over baby items and Arianna was hopeful that their little boy would have two loving parents -- something neither of them had growing up.

Karley's daughters Amayah and Amariah. Before the twins arrived, Karley's husband Tony couldn't stop grumbling about living with her folks. Tension between the two only grew once they faced the challenges of caring for the babies, and the new mom couldn't help but feel like a burden to her loved ones.

Courtney's son Dayton. A pregnant Courtney and her boyfriend Scott struggled with her decision to be abstinent until marriage. Also adding to the couple's stress: They learned that Dayton would be born with a cleft lip, just like his mom.

Autumn's son Drake. Autumn and her boyfriend Dustin took different paths after they learned that they would become parents: She gave up everything to prepare for Drake's arrival, while he was reluctant to abandon his teenage lifestyle. But Autumn insisted that Dustin provide for his son -- and eventually demanded child support.

Savon's son Eden. While the baby's father wasn't in the picture, Savon did have her loyal boyfriend Mauwi by her side. But shortly after Eden's birth, Savon realized that she couldn't handle the responsibilities of being a mom, a student and a girlfriend -- and she split with Mauwi.

Jordan's daughter Genevieve. The pregnant teen and her boyfriend Derek bounced from couch to couch, struggling to support themselves in their hometown of Baltimore. But just after Genevieve arrived, the new dad got a job offer and found a place to stay -- all the way in Texas.

Millina's son Kayden. With her mother behind bars, Millina had to accept help from her boyfriend Trevor's mom once Kayden was born. But the woman had a health condition that caused strokes and seizures, and Millina was unsure she should be watching the newborn. Eventually, mother and son moved out of Trevor's home, causing Millina and Trevor to grow apart.

Jazmin's daughter Laila. Jazmin and boyfriend Dell broke her parents' strict house rules when they had sex and the teen wound up pregnant. Much to the couple's dismay, Jazmin's folks didn't relax the regulations after Laila's birth: They couldn't be alone without one of her parents present, and Dell wasn't allowed in the house after 10pm.

Summer's son Peyton. Summer couldn't turn to her drug addict mother Katrina for help with Peyton. Luckily, she did have DJ, Peyton's father, as well as his family to lean on for some much-needed support.

Aleah's daughter Peyton. Aleah and her boyfriend Shawn faced mounting financial hardships because the young dad kept racking up multiple parking tickets. At first, Aleah and Peyton lived in the home of Shawn’s family, but it didn’t last. They eventually moved out, and Aleah and Shawn plan live apart until they can afford their own place.

Savannah's son Rowan. Savannah and Stone ended their romantic relationship before Rowan was born. The main reason: Stone didn't approve of Savannah's alcoholic mother Melanie -- and for good reason. Melanie had trouble staying sober after Rowan's birth, but Savannah remained hopeful that her son would have his grandmother in his life.

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