What Happens When 100 Lady Gagas Pop Up In London?

They try to save a landmark.

Lady Gagas have taken over Westminster. Lady Gagas. Plural.

No, cloning has not become widespread, and no, this isn't one of Mother Monster's latest spectacles. A horde of protesters took on Gaga's likeness to save a historic landmark in London, toting signs that said "Save Smithfield."

Gaga retweeted the protesters' efforts on Monday morning (June 30) to their surprise. The group dressed up in Kermit the Frog dresses, dyed their hair yellow, wore "Poker Face" sunglasses and paraded around in underwear. They handed out fruit and Save Smithfield postcards, according to group's website. They were hoping to save the Victorian market building from redevelopment.

Their tagline? "You’d have to be gaga to tear down Smithfield."