'16 And Pregnant' Reunion Sneak Peek: Arianna's Ex Shows Her The Money...Literally

And when Maurice throws cash at the young mother, she storms off stage in anger.

Twelve girls from this past season of "16 and Pregnant" will come together and give updates since becoming teenage mothers on Tuesday's "16 and Pregnant Reunion Special."

When we last saw Arianna, the young mom was hopeful that she and her baby daddy Maurice would be able give their son Aiden two loving parents -- something neither had growing up. But that has proven impossible and, in the sneak peek below, Maurice voices his frustration about not being able to see his baby boy -- while Arianna can't even bear to look at him.

"He's a deadbeat father, and he can't own up to it," a somber Arianna tells host Dr. Drew. But Maurice disagrees, saying that he has brought over items, saved $3,200 for the boy and hired a lawyer to get custody.

Arianna refutes the claims, saying she hasn't received anything from Maurice, or a letter from his attorney.

"My son is six months old," she says. "If he really loved my son, this would have been done a long time ago."

When Dr. Drew urges the couple to try to communicate, Arianna refuses, saying she doesn't "need to talk to [Maurice]." And, referring to the gifts and money Maurice claims to have provided for the child, she asks, "Where is it? I've got none of it."

That's when Maurice stands up -- and throws a wad of cash over her head. In turn, she storms off stage.

"All that s**t," Maurice exclaims as Arianna is leaving. "Pick it up. That's all you. That's baby money."

Will Arianna and Maurice be able to make peace? Be sure to tune in on Tuesday at 10/9c to find out!