Kelly Osbourne Got A Tattoo Where?

She's got stories on her mind. No, really.

When you grew up in public on your own MTV reality show, your dad is the heavy metal prince of darkness and your mom has a daytime talk show you have lots of stories to tell. But do you have so many that you have to, literally, write them on your skull?

When you're Kelly Osbourne, 29, apparently you do. The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon and co-host of E!'s "Fashion Police" made a serious fashion statement over the weekend when she got the word "stories" tattooed on her head.

You figure Ozzy can't really complain, since he started getting his ink at 15. Though we'd kill to have pics of Ozzy getting that first dagger on his arm, thanks to Instagram we have all the evidence of Kelly's latest.

It started with a new touch-up to her purple rooster mohawk.

A momentary second-guessing of her plan.

And then the deed.

No regrets.

And, of course, a fresh manicure to top it off.