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Wait, What Does Nicki Minaj Mean She Thought She Was 'About To Die'?

"I really thought I was about to die," the Young Money MC said during her 2014 BET Awards acceptance speech.

Nicki Minaj's acceptance speech for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the 2014 BET Awards on Sunday night (June 29) was one to remember. She made our collective jaws drop, when she revealed that she thought she was going to pass away.

"The other day, literally, I didn't tell anybody this, I really thought I was about to die," she said. "Like, I was saying my prayers to die. And I didn't even wanna call the ambulance because I thought, 'Well, if I call an ambulance, it's gonna be on TMZ.'"

The Queens-raised star, who had performed earlier in the night, then flashed her glowing smile, as the packed Los Angeles theater laughed, cutting what had been a tense and hopefully an over-dramtaic moment.

"And it made me realize: I don't care anymore what anybody gotta say," she said. "I'mma do me! I'mma do me!"

Nicki came out on top in a category with Iggy Azalea, Eve, Charli Baltimore and Angela Haze, the Young Money rapper was escorted to the stage by Lil Wayne to accept the evening's final award. When she got there, she gave a nearly four-minute speech that mixed graciousness, confidence, and some jaw-dropping moments -- which, of course, is why we love Nicki.

For starters, the "Pills N Potions" rapper stressed that her lyrics -- all of them -- are all her own, written by her. Was that a slight to Iggy Azalea? If so, Nicki wouldn't tell.

"My point is, what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj, is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it," she said, before adding. "No shade."

Keep doing you, Nicki. We're just glad you're alright.