What Is Going On With Shia LaBeouf? More Weird Footage Surfaces

Plus, Liza Minnelli's rep attempts a light-hearted joke about "Cabaret."

Listen, we're generally of the belief that there might be something seriously wrong with Shia LaBeouf and his recent bout of erratic behavior. For that reason, we're adverse to poking fun at him. Regardless of his public life, something very private is going on with him. Maybe that's why Liza Minnelli's rep sent him a DVD copy of "Cabaret".

According to Minnelli's rep, Scott Gorenstein, he "just had to" send LaBeouf a copy of the 1972 movie take on the musical—Liza both starred in the film and won the Oscar for Best Actress for her work in it. Gorenstein also said he "figured he may want to find out how it ends." Of course, this is a play off Shia's recent uncouth behavior at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret" that led to his arrest.

We're going to assume it was nothing more than a gesture of kindness amidst a sea of shenanigans currently plaguing the actor.

At the risk of piling on, another video has surfaced that has us even more worried. Recently, his attention-grabbing moments seem to stem from places of desperate, emotional overreaction — not the work of someone trying to make a scene just because. In this latest bizarre video, LaBeouf is shown trying to pick a fight with a guy outside a strip club.

The footage was obtained by TMZ (because who else? and it shows the star arguing with an unnamed man outside of a Manhattan strip club allegedly taped earlier this month, before the "Cabaret" Incident.

Maybe a movie night at home watching "Cabaret" is exactly what the actor needs? We'll bring the popcorn.