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Lily Allen Calls FIFA President A Very Bad Word At Glastonbury

Sooooooo, no World Cup viewing parties at Lily's pad this year.

Lily Allen had some choice words for FIFA president Sepp Blatter during her performance at Glastonbury on Friday.

And, appropriately, she said them with a song. Namely: her 2008 ditty "F-ck You."

The rant began innocently enough, when she admitted she'd been worried the World Cup would affect Glastonbury attendance. But, since England didn't advance to the group stages of this year's tournament, "That didn't happen," Allen told the massive festival crowd. "Not only cause we are shit, but I reckon there's probably a little bit of corruption going on."

Then, all playful smiles and bubbly laughter, she went on to dedicate the aforementioned song to, "Possibly one of – actually not the most corrupt person, but annoyingly corrupt person there is in the world – Sepp f-cking Blatter, you c-nt."

You can see the dedication in all its uncensored glory here, starting at the 7:28 mark: