All The Muddy Highlights From Glastonbury Music Festival So Far

Hope you brought your Wellies.

So you think you want to go to a music festival. In the States there’s an array to pick from: Coachella, Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo to name a few, but over in England things get a little messy in Glastonbury. With notorious rain, mud and flooded tents, camping out to see your favorite band isn’t for the faint of heart at this five day shindig. In case you’d rather stay dry and not hop across the pond, we’ll catch you up on all of the action.

First things first, if you’re in any way involved with Glastonbury you must pay attention to the weather. Here are a few trusty reporters to fill you in on all of the gloom and doom that has happened thus far.

And that folks, is why you need to come with Wellies aka rainboots. But, if you’ve forgotten, they also happen to be for sale.

Day 1 - Glastonbury Festival

Also important so you can do fun things like this:

Festival Goers Enjoy Glastonbury 2014

If you’re in it for the long haul you’ll have to grab a tent.

Atmosphere - Glastonbury Festival

Because unfortunately not all of us can go “glamping” like Nicky Hilton.

Also beware the Banksy meat truck exhibit is roaming around.

Glastonbury Festival - Day Two

Now let’s get to the real fun! The music!

HAIM shredded on guitar solos and even added a soulful cover of Beyonce’s “XO.” Este did not disappoint and brought her full on bass face.


Sisters Haim later roamed along the grounds in perfect post-show trio style.

Celebrity Sightings At The Glastonbury Festival

Oh look there’s Bradley Cooper! (Fisting a bottle of champagne, natch.)

Celebrity Sightings At The Glastonbury Festival

But we should really get back to the music. Lily Allen returned to the festival for the first time in five years, singing as the sun reappeared.

Day 1 - Glastonbury Festival

Although he brought smoke canons, lasers and a spaceship to his DJ set, Skrillex had a much calmer point of view of Glastonbury.

Arcade Fire closed the first night with a literal bang, as lightning struck the Pyramid Stage during a raging thunderstorm.

Day 1 - Glastonbury Festival

Lana Del Rey hit the stage earlier today (Saturday), wearing a rainbow dress and smoking a cigarette in between songs.

Day 2 - Glastonbury Festival

Metallica will perform tonight and close out the second day of the festival.