A 15-Year-Old Rapper Just Got A Huge Record Deal

Kid rapper Chris Miles has signed to Warner/Chappell.

Two years ago, on his rather biting five-minute-long freestyle "80 Bars," Chris Miles opened spitting, "I’ve been dreaming bout a deal since the age 13 / Nah, nah / I’m about to get a deal at the age of 13."

A record deal sounds like an audacious goal for someone still in middle school, but now, less than two years later, he's gotten one -- and it's reportedly huge.

The 15-year-old from -- as his official Twitter pronounces it -- "New Yawk" has signed a deal with Warner/Chappell that TMZ reports could end up making him upward of $1.5 million, plus royalties. The deal will reportedly allow him to write and rap on as many as five albums -- and guarantees him an advance of just over $180,000 for his first album.

He first gained popularity when his "America's Got Talent" audition -- of him rapping his track "Dialtone" -- went viral. But he's maintained that his new music -- which fans should expect this summer -- is far more "insane" like "Andrew Wiggins," which Miles released in March.