Johnny Nunez / Getty Images

Future's 'Move That Dope' Almost Didn't Happen

Thankfully Make Will made it.

Future's creativity knows no bounds. Since he entered the game in 2010, the Atlanta hitmaker has used his knack for rap and songwriting to make a handful of hits.

As prolific as Future is though, he isn't taking very much credit for one of his latest smashes, "Move That Dope." The props all go to his production partner Mike Will Made It.

"When I first did it, I just did the hook, I didn't do the verse," Future explained to MTV News right after he got off the stage at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta on June 17. "Mike found the verse and he put it on the song, off another record and I just had it. I didn't even want to do the song."

Future finished up his Honest LP with no intention of adding the song, which has peaked in the top 10 on Billboard' Hot Rap Songs chart. Luckily for him, Mike Will saw the potential and added Pharrell, Pusha T and Casino to the track.

"It was a song that I really didn't have nothing to do with. I left it in the studio and I told him I didn't want it on the album," Future admitted. "Once I heard it I was like it sound like one of those ones. I always tell him, I call him, I text him everyday and be like, 'Man I appreciate you on that one because I didn't know.'"

Maybe Future will be less resistant on his next project. According to the rapper he's dropping something new towards the end of the summer. "I got something coming, I think I'm gonna drop the end of August or September," he teased. "I gotta name but I don't wanna say it yet. I got a name, it's crazy. The music is insane, it's some more hits. It's another style that hasn't been done yet."