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Get To Know Kelli Berglund, Disney's Most BFF-Worthy New Star

Disney's next big thing has some serious Netflix binging to do.

Despite the fact that at 18 years old, Kelli Berglund has three seasons of a TV series, an upcoming Disney Channel Original movie, and an impressive modeling career under her belt, she really is just like you -- that is, in the completely obsessed with Ariana Grande and "Breaking Bad" type of way.

Your new BFF crush Berglund, who is wrapping up her third season of the Disney XD hit "Lab Rats" (season four will begin shooting this fall) and preparing for the August 1 release date of her movie "How To Build A Better Boy," stopped by MTV News headquarters last week for an in-depth chat about what's next for her TV character, her big screen dreams, and, of course, her summer obsessions.

"I really like Ariana Grande's new song, 'Problem,'" Berglund said. "It just gets me going. And I love Iggy Azalea... her whole album is on that [summer] playlist."

Samesies! In case you needed more proof that Kelli was the super famous, Netflix-loving best friend you never had, check out the video below -- where she tells us all about her upcoming summer concerts, her must-have playlist, and, of course, her future plans to binge-watch "Game of Thrones."

Stay tuned for more from Kelli -- including her thoughts on which Disney dudes would actually make a "Better Boy" -- in the coming weeks, and watch "Lab Rats" on Disney XD on Mondays, beginning June 30.