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'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter Gets New Ally In Seth MacFarlane

Lucky there's a family guy!

He's best known for his crude humor and pop culture references, but Seth MacFarlane's interests extend beyond the realm of comedy and into the world of education.

Case in point: The "Family Guy" and "American Dad" creator has made a massive pledge to LeVar Burton's "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter campaign. MacFarlane has promised to match every dollar pledged in the five remaining days of the Kickstarter campaign, up to $1 million.

"This all means one thing: there has never been a better time to bring new people into this campaign," Burton wrote on the "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter page. "Every new dollar you add to your pledge, or spend on an add-on reward, or convince your friends and relatives to add, will get us two dollars to help schools."

The "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter is designed to bring the educational program to web-connected homes and classrooms across the nation. In meeting its initial $1 million goal, "Reading Rainbow" will already be available in over 1,500 classrooms at no cost to schools. A $5 million stretch goal was designed to make "Reading Rainbow" available to 7,500 classrooms, but thanks to MacFarlane's pledge, reaching the $5 million goal will add an additional $1 million to the cause — meaning if the stretch goal is reached, "Reading Rainbow" will be available in 12,500 classrooms across the country.

It's not MacFarlane's first major effort on the educational front. He's also an executive producer on "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," the educational program hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.