Daylyt Has Not Officially Signed With Shady Records

The well-known battle rapper is featured on Slaughterhouse's 'The Road to Total Slaughter.'

It's been a busy week for Los Angeles-based rapper Daylyt.

First, there was his appearance on Ab-Soul's album, These Days..., which he closes with an a cappella battle against the T.D.E. MC on the track "W.R.O.H." That same day, Day posted a video where he spoke on moving away from battle rapping and signing to Shady Records.

“Big shouts out to Eminem for making that legit,” he says toward the end of the video. “Daylyt is an official member of Shady Records."

However, while praising the rapper's skill, a source at Shady has told MTV News that he has not inked a deal with the label.

"Daylyt is immensely talented and is cool with everyone up here but is not signed to Shady. #totalslaughter," the source said.

That said, Daylyt is Shady-affiliated in some ways. He's featured on "The Road to Total Slaughter," Slaughterhouse's recently-launched reality show that features eight battle rappers.

“We’re gonna put those eight guys in a house, they’re gonna live with each other for a week and you’re gonna be able to see them prepare for it as well,” Joe Budden said on "RapFix Live" in January.

“It’s giving these guys a platform that they didn’t have before,” Royce added. “Everybody knows they’re great if you follow them, so the goal is to put not only them, but battle rap itself, on this platform.”