Batfleck Selfie? It Exists, And It's 'Pretty Amazing'

'Leftovers' star Carrie Coon weighs in on her roles in HBO's new show, 'Gone Girl,' and seeing a Batfleck selfie.

Somewhere out there, there's a Batfleck selfie.

And that's not all we found out when MTV News caught up with actress Carrie Coon on the red carpet for HBO's "The Leftovers," a new show which features Coon as one of the people remaining on Earth when a large chunk of the population just up and disappears.

Though Coon is only featured in one scene in the pilot, her role will greatly expand over the course of the series; and for the Broadway favorite actress, this is just the start of her media domination in 2014. Right after "The Leftovers" is done airing, she'll be seen on screens this October in David Fincher's adaptation of "Gone Girl," in which she co-stars as Ben Affleck's sister Margo.

"I am in the middle of a crazy year, yeah," Coon said with an excited glint in her eyes. "It's a crazy thing. It doesn't always happen like this, so my husband and I are just trying to enjoy it and have a great time. It doesn't come along all the time. It's amazing."

Though both "The Leftovers" and "Gone Girl" are based on books, the characters Coon plays couldn't be farther away from each other. Where "Leftovers" character Nora Durst is emotionally destroyed when her entire family disappears, making her the biggest recipient of tragedy in her entire town, Margo (nicknamed Go) in "Gone Girl" is an acerbic indie chick with strong family ties to her bro, Nick.

"They're very different people," Coon said on the character comparison. "I tend to be drawn to characters that have a drier sense of humor, that's how my family rolls, so there might be a little of that in there."

Though Coon was mum about where her character is going in the series (potential spoilers in the video, based on the book), she did recall that her pilot scene was filmed on a 115 degree day, and gave thanks to the extras and crew for helping her get through an incredibly emotional speech.

"It was amazing to work with [Peter Berg]," Coon said. "And that was the first time really working with Damon. So it was a taste of what was to come."

While Coon's speech in the pilot is literally lifted off the page of Tom Perrotta's novel, reports that the final act of "Gone Girl" have been drastically changed from Gillian Flynn's novel, according to Coon, have been exaggerated.

"You know, if you go back and look at some press that Gillian did, what she explains is that it didn't change really, not in any extraordinary way," Coon clarified on the proposed third act revision. "The tone of the book is very much intact in the film, in a really wonderful way, so I don't think anyone is going to be disappointed. I think it's great."

But more important than great performances, excellent casts, and the fantastic work Coon does: what about Batman?

Ben Affleck may be getting one of his more dramatic roles in "Gone Girl" as Nick Dunne, the husband of the titular missing woman, but he's probably more popularly known right now as the new Dark Knight in the upcoming "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice."

We asked Coon if she got to hear his Batman voice while working on set, to which the actress laughed, saying, "No, but I did happen to see, he had a costume fitting, and I did see a Batman selfie, which is pretty amazing."

That is pretty amazing, and top prize to the first person who gets the Batman selfie off Batfleck's phone. It might even be Coon, as she's a self-professed fan of Bruce Wayne's vigilante alter-ego.

"We all sort of grew up with that," Coon noted. "I grew up with Batman, so there's a little Batman inside of me too. And working with Ben, he was in the middle of all of that, and it was exciting to watch."

Exciting enough to rejoin Affleck as Batwoman in an upcoming feature? Coon seems game.

"I think so," Coon said excitedly. "Who's making that? Who's making the female Batman movie? I've been working out like Ben, so I got some guns for ya."

"The Leftovers" premieres on HBO Sunday, June 29. "Gone Girl" will hit theaters on October 3.