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Hear 'Go,' The Grimes Song That Rihanna Rejected

She told us this one would be 'kinda different'… and she wasn't kidding.

Grimes warned us that her next song -- a song that she and 4AD labelmate Blood Diamonds wrote for Rihanna, but was rejected -- is "kinda different" from what we've come to expect from the woman behind "Oblivion" and "Genesis."

Now, upon listening to "Go," we think that's a bit of an understatement.

While the Vancouver-bred producer's music has always strayed toward the ethereal side of things -- music made for dancing in your pajamas, rather than heels -- her first release in two years is decidedly more brazen affair. She throws in some dubstep and adds a bit of agitation to her voice, making for a track that sounds more like, well, a Rihanna song.

Grimes premiered the track at Governor's Ball this year. This is the second collaboration for her and Blood Diamonds, as the two had previously linked up on 2012's "Phone Sex." Grimes is reportedly at work on her followup to 2012's Visions.