Did Johnny Bananas And Laurel Deserve Their 'Free Agents' Payday?

They scaled a dangerous volcano in Chile -- and earned $125,000 in the process.

Instinct might tell the average person to flee from Villarrica, one of Chile's most active volcanoes. But shelving common sense and racing to the top just made two "Free Agents" $125,000 richer.

After two days, five legs and 25 miles on a stationary bike (how cruel!), Johnny Bananas officially walked away with his fifth championship check on tonight's finale, while three-time runner-up Laurel finally got the gold medal she deserved. But the difference between first and second was nearly negligible on both sides.

Though Laurel came out on a tear on the women's side, winning the first two heats decisively, "Real World: Las Vegas" export Nany passed her on the third leg, which involved ascending a vertical wall. As far as cumulative time was concerned, Laurel won by nine minutes, but Nany stayed on her tail until the very end of the race and nipped at her heels until the very top of Villarrica.

Devyn, who wasn't sure she had what it took to endure the tall task, finished long after her fellow competitors. But as far as TJ Lavin was concerned, she was MVP for digging as deeply as she did. Bravo, D!

On the men's side, it was a consistent two-man race between Bananas and the other Johnny. Bananas started out in front, but Johnny took the lead in leg two, only to lose it once more in the third heat. Bananas took the fourth as well, but in the race to the top of the volcano, Johnny took a commanding lead and finished long before the veteran. But Bananas' cumulative time was still superior, and the rookie would ultimately have to settle for second place.

As was the case for Devyn, it was clear that Zach, whose muscles began to spasm in the third leg of the competition, was destined for a bronze medal finish. Still, considering he nearly passed out on a number of occasions -- and insisted to production that he thought he was going to die -- his finish was nothing to sneeze at either.

Considering the ups and downs of tonight's final mission, who do you think deserved the win most?

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