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A Crazy Fire Tornado Ruins Everyone's S--- In New 'Into The Storm' Trailer

Eat your heart out, 'Twister'.

A lot has happened since the movie "Twister" came out in 1996, but most important for "Into the Storm" -- the upcoming Steven Quale-helmed tornado disaster flick -- is the fact that special effects have gotten way, way better. Like, we're pretty sure that everyone's former favorite movie about cray cray storm chasers heading into the eye of a deadly cyclone never featured one that is made entirely out of fire, or another, apocalyptic-looking one that seems capable of destroying an entire town in approximately eight seconds.

Hopefully, stars Sarah Wayne Callies and Richard Armitage learned enough from fighting zombies on "The Walking Dead" and Smaug in "The Hobbit" movies (respectively) that they can survive this thing, but from the looks of this trailer, we're not so sure:

"Into the Storm" hits theaters on August 8th.