'The Maze Runner': New Movie Books Make A Run For Your Money

These new volumes will have all you shanks saying, 'Good that.'

"The Maze Runner," the movie adaptation of James Dashner's best selling novel, doesn't open until September 19. Which means you have plenty of time to prep for the trippy, twisty movie starring "Teen Wolf" hunk Dylan O'Brien, MTV Movie Award winner Will Poulter, and also some other guys we can't make all about us.

To get you ready to run the maze, Random House (via Delacorte Books for Young Readers) is releasing two volumes on August 5 that tie into the movie. The first is called "Inside The Maze Runner: The Guide To The Glade," after the home of the amnesiac boys at the center of the story.

The book will include over 100 photos from the movie, details about the whole "Maze Runner" series, and profiles on the characters and actors.

The second is a re-release of the novel that started it all, "The Maze Runner," with a new trade dress copying the poster for the movie. As you might be able to read (hopefully, if you're thinking about picking up books, you can read. Also if you are reading this), the novel now comes packaged with stickers and photos from the movie.

And though it doesn't have a movie tie-in, the four book series will be released in a box set on July 8. You'll be able to pick up all of these in finer book stores near you, and stay tuned for plenty more "Maze Runner" as we get closer to the September premiere!