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Cam'ron Gives Us A Sample Of His Nicki Minaj Collab: Listen

Nicki x Cam? Yes, thanks.

(Cam reveals his big features)

The first installation of Cam'ron's "First of the Month" series is due on July 1, and although his recent tracklist doesn't mention anything about Nicki Minaj, we know that we'll hear them on a record together pretty soon.

On Wednesday night, Cam posted a video featuring a new Nicki verse, but of course the visuals and the captions had nothing to do with the song. Instead, he decided to go in on his manager, and then side-note that we were listening to Nicki.

"Yo!!! Why I pulled up on my manager @britishthetitan and he driving da #S63," he joked. "How much am I paying u exactly n---?!! And don't be tryna pull off on me neither n---!!"

Although Cam was light on details in this post, he did reveal to MTV News last month that a Nicki Minaj collaboration will be part of his "First of the Month" series, so we'll stay tuned.