Paola Kudacki/GQ

Ansel Elgort Is Super Jealous Of Augustus Waters

In an interview with GQ, the actor compared himself unfavorably with the hearthrob from 'The Fault in Our Stars.'

If seeing "The Fault in Our Stars" made you wildly insecure over your ability to ever be as cool a dude as Augustus Waters, then hey, at least you're in good company. In an interview with GQ magazine, Ansel Elgort revealed that even he was intimidated by the sheer awesomeness of Augustus... despite, y'know, being Augustus.

"I thought about how much cooler and, like, better a person Augustus is than Ansel," the actor said. "He’s this perfect guy. And I was like, Ansel kind of sucks."

Paola Kudacki/GQ

Needless to say, the world probably doesn't agree with Ansel's self-assessment (although if he's looking for someone to give him a hug and stroke his hair and reassure him of his non-suck-itude, we volunteer as tribute.) But it sounds like the insecurity he felt over playing such a perfect paragon of charming dudeliness came in handy when it was time to film the scenes in "The Fault in Our Stars" that reduced audiences everywhere to a sniveling, amorphous blob of tears.

"Tricking your mind into really believing—I’m helpless, I have no value anymore," Ansel said, in response to a question about how he nailed those heartbreaking, emotional moments. "It’s really good therapy."

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