Someone Lost Their Underwear On The Set Of 'Awkward''s Season 4 Finale

The cast hit the beach for their last day of filming -- and shared some very personal photos!

Nikki Deloach's Instagram

The "Awkward" mid-season finale found Jenna Hamilton, Sadie Saxton and friends freezing their asses off during a snowy ski trip, but it looks like the full season will wrap up on a much warmer note.

Jillian Rose Reed's Instagram

This week, the show's cast tweeted photos from a picturesque beach during the final days of Season 4 filming, and something about the sand between their toes got some strong sentiments brewing.

"These people are my best friends, my family. I love them so much," Jillian Rose Reed tweeted with a collage of recent behind-the-scenes shots.

No, we're not tearing up -- that's just some airborne saltwater in our eyes...

Nikki Deloach's Instagram

Heartstring-pulling aside, the gang also proved they were as goofy as ever when Nikki Deloach stumbled upon an errant pair of tighty-whities.

"Only on our set," the woman behind Lacey Hamilton wrote as she hovered over the undergarments.

You can take these guys out of Palos Hills, but you can't take the Palos Hills out of them...

If you're bummed about a lack of "Awkward" on your TV screen, just remember -- there's more to come! Sound off on the photos, and keep up with MTV News for more info on upcoming episodes.

Photo: MTV