'Wild 'N Out' Comedian Rip Michaels Proves Why He's A 'Sensitive Thug'

Here's a hint: He'd walk a thousand miles if he could just see you tonight.

While most "Wild 'N Out" cast members are busy boosting their egos, newbie Rip Michaels just threw himself under the bus. Whether he realizes it or not.

In a backstage interview during filming for Season 6, below, Rip offers us a few tidbits about himself. And, in the process, he gives his fellow comedians puh-lenty of material to work with in their future Wildstyle battles.

"My favorite rapper and/or music artist is Adele and Sade," Michaels first admits. "That's right, I'm a sensitive thug."

Hey, who doesn't love "Rolling in the Deep"?

His next confession, however, could earn him years of ridicule on the "WNO" set.

"My guilty pleasure is actually, uh -- I, I hate to say it," he begins. "I am a [fan of] Vanessa Carlton, 'Thousand Miles.' I love it."

Annnd that's all she wrote. Let the ripping on Rip begin! In the meantime, we'll just hope he has better moves than Terry Crews:

Check out more of Rip Michaels' rapid-fire tell-all, and watch the Season 6 premiere of "Wild 'N Out" next Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV2!