Nev Threw An iPhone On This Season's 'Catfish'...And Other Firsts

We've seen a whole lot of new -- and truly unique -- situations take place so far during the series' third run...

This week's episode of "Catfish" marked a first for the series: After Nev and Max tried to orchestrate two face-to-face meetings between Miranda and Gabby, the latter didn't show.

But it's certainly not the only "first" from Season 3. Here's a look back at some of the most unique moments so far:

First non-romantic storyline: Lucille and Kidd Cole

Lucille didn't contact the super-sleuths because she had a crush on Kidd -- she wanted to uncover the truth about the man who claimed to be a music producer working for Kanye West's G.O.O.D. label. She worried that he might be using her for her cash -- and sure enough, Kidd turned out to be a con artist.

First phone-throwing: Nev

When the Internet detective couldn't contain his frustration with Kidd Cole, he tossed the scammer's iPhone into the Potomac River -- and totally showed off his gangsta side.