Katy Perry Tells Little Girls 'Don't Trust Boys' In This Unseen Footage From 'Birthday'

Katy takes the title as world's worst princess and face painter.

Katy Perry is giving us something to celebrate...more Princess Mandee!

The pop star treated fans on Wednesday (June 25) to unseen footage of herself in character as Princess Mandee from her "Birthday" music video, which dropped in April.

The "Birthday" video showed an unrecognizable Katy as she played the role of a number of different characters, including Goldie the dancer, Yosef the MC and the face-painting princess.

In the clip, Katy, a.k.a. Mandee, is dressed in a pink ball gown, which took her three days to make, and is confessing to camera all about her inspirations (Barbie and Gandhi), how she's pursuing her dream of fashion interning at Forever 21 and admits that when she works children's birthday parties she's "giving them free therapy, and in Los Angeles, free therapy is $350 an hour."

The video intercuts with Katy at the birthday party as she face-paints little girls faces and tells them "stories about things that won't come true," mostly about how much boys suck.

Princess Mandee causes quite a scene when Prince Charming (her fourth) makes an appearance at the party. Mandee thinks he's cheating on her, so what does she do? Throws cake in his face, pushes him in the pool and proceeds to tell the screaming onlookers "don't trust boys."

But the birthday party wasn't ruined completely, after Mandee revealed that she was Katy all along, the kids went crazy declaring it "the best birthday ever."