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Andy Mineo Fights Andy Mineo Behind The Scenes Of His 'You Can't Stop Me' Video

Andy vs Andy.

Everyone suffers from a little bit of self-doubt. Even rising rap star Andy Mineo. Back in January, the buzzing New York MC dropped his Never Land EP and snagged the #1 spot on the iTunes album chart -- but he still has his moments of weakness.

"My biggest enemy is typically me," Andy told MTV News on the set of his video for "You Can't Stop Me" on Friday. "I'm my biggest problem, I'm the thing that stops me most from doing what I need to do to be successful or to achieve success in whatever area of life."

That's the premise that the single and its video is based on. Mineo shot half of the vid in the streets of New York City and the other half on a green screen. When it's all wrapped up fans will see Andy battling himself, and ultimately (we hope) defeating the self-doubt that lays within.

"There's two versions of me and I'm ultimately fighting myself, in combat with myself, trying to overcome myself," he explained.

The lyrics on "You Can't Stop Me" fuel the concept and go a long way into making Mineo a relatable rap character. "You will never write a verse like Kendrick/ Never be to rap what rock got from Hendrix/ Top 10 alive, you will never be mentioned/ Why aim so high? Won’t survive the trenches," he rhymes sarcastically to himself.

He also deals with the stigma that comes with being a Christian rapper. "Plus you're a Christian Andy/ They will never listen Andy," he continues to rap before overcoming his fears.

For the over-the-top battle scenes in the video Mineo says he drew from one of his favorite childhood video games "Mortal Kombat." "The whole video has this kind of funny, cheesy, animated feel to it," he explains. "No matter how successful you become... there's always that sense that you could be better. I think I beat myself up more than anyone else."