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Watch All 141 Transformations From The 'Transformers' Movies

And the 11 best transformations in GIFs!

The "Transformers" trilogy does not skimp on what its title promises: transformations, and lots of them. They range from really, really small (a Decepticon turning into a stereo), to really, really big (the mammoth truck monster from "Transformers 2"), and really, really weird (a girl who turns into a robot while making out with Shia Labeouf).

All told, we counted 141 (!) transformations in the three movies, and, to get ready for "Transformers: Age of Extinction," compiled every single one of them into an epic supercut.

But just in case that's too much for you, here are the 11 best transformations from the movies, in GIFs!

11. Megatron's Awesome Introduction ("Transformers")


Megatron breaks into the movies in a big way, going from jet fighter to his colossal self on a dam while Starscream transforms in the background.

10. The Robot With No Name ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon")


The Clint Eastwood of Transformers. Why does he have a cape? Why do you care? It looks awesome.

9. Mecha-Optimus Prime ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")


Because Optimus wasn't cool enough, they decided to give him a ton more armor and made him fly. Now he's cool enough.

8. The Pink Transformer Decepticon ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon")


It's every little girl's birthday wish to have a hideous bird-robot which can transform into a little pink Autobot.

7. The Mountain Dew Transformer ("Transformers")


Sure it's shameless product placement, but it shows that the level of detail on Bay's transformations is stunning. Plus, it shoots soda cans instead of bullets, so that's useful.

6. Optimus Prime's First Appearance ("Transformers")


There was a lot of trepidation about "Transformers," but Optimus Prime's first appearance and transformation put a lot of those to rest, as he was the phenomenal, detailed, and imposing leader everyone imagined from the toys and cartoon.

5. Devastator ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")


This would've been higher on the list if not for the wrecking ball testicles. Still, it's an impressive feat of CGI engineering.

4. Optimus Prime's Parachute Jump ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")


Why drop a truck off a plane? Because it looks great on film.

3. Bumblebee Saves Sam ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon")


Bumblebee was the fan favorite Transformer, and he gets some great rescue scenes as he transforms in midair, knocks a tire away from Sam, grabs him, and transforms back with Sam inside.

2. Bumblebee Saves Sam Again! ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon")


Bumblebee gets an arguably even better rescue scene later in the movie, where he does the double-transformation again during the Battle of Chicago to rescue Sam and a soldier.

1. Optimus Prime Ready For Battle ("Transformers")


Look up "badass" in the dictionary. This should come up.