Ashley Rickards Is More Scary Than Awkward In Exclusive 'At The Devil's Door' Trailer

Note: Satan hates pictures taken with the flash on.

Two of your favorite TV actresses are teaming up for a deal with the devil.

Specifically, I'm talking about "At the Devil's Door," a new horror movie that we're exclusively debuting the trailer for, which stars "Awkward's" Ashley Rickards and "Glee's" Naya Rivera.

"At the Devil's Door" tells the story of Leigh (Catalina Sandino Moreno), a real estate agent who takes on a property with a particularly dark history. Specifically, the daughter of the previous owners went missing. Her parents suspected her troubled boyfriend, but when the girl (Rickards) reappears, it seems that the real problem was much more powerful than some boy.

I'm talking about the Devil.

In an attempt to help the girl, Leigh gets pulled into the Satanic troubles. Rivera plays Leigh's sister, Vera, and I imagine things don't go so well for her either.

Check out the exclusive trailer above!

"At the Devil's Door" hits VOD and all digital platforms on August 8 and opens in theaters on September 12.