Is A 'Big Lebowski' Sequel Happening After All?

It's all about the Jesus.

"Nobody f---s with The Jesus" — nobody, it seems, except John Turturro himself.

The actor responsible for bringing ball-licking bowler Jesus Quintana to life in "The Big Lebowski" is itching to reprise his role in an upcoming movie. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Turturro made it clear that he wants one more chance to play "The Jesus" in a "Big Lebowski" spinoff.

"If I can get the permission I need, I'd like to return to that role," he said, with a new film possible for next year.

Of course, striking out with The Jesus is easier said than done. The character belongs to Joel and Ethan Coen, the masterminds behind "The Big Lebowski." They've resisted the urge to return to the "Big Lebowski" well on multiple occasions, despite fans' best wishes. If he can get the Coen Brothers' permission, perhaps Turturro would direct a movie about The Jesus all on his own; in addition to acting, Turturro has made quite a name for himself recently behind the camera, with films like "Fading Gigolo" and a segment of "Rio, I Love You."

Count us on board for a full-length "The Big The Jesus" movie, as long as it's just two hours of this scene over and over again:

Do you want to see Turturro's planned "Lebowski" spinoff?