Tisha Cherry

Exclusive Look: This Food Artist Turns Justin Bieber Into Pie

Tisha Cherry finds inspiration in her daily eats.

If you thought seeing Jesus in your grilled cheese was mind-blowing, then you probably can't even handle what Tisha Cherry has been up to.

The Brooklyn-based artist has been cooking up a feast for the eyes on her Instagram page, crafting celebrity portraits with her chicken and waffles and McDonalds fries. Maybe your parents should have encouraged you to keep playing with your food, in the name of art?

And now, Tish is revealing a brand-new MTV-exclusive art piece, featuring the King of Heartbreakers, Justin Bieber!

Tisha Cherry

Yup, you're looking at a Berry Bieber Rhubarb Pie. It's delicious in more ways than one!

Tisha Cherry

So, what exactly is it that inspires a grown woman to turn her dinner into finger paints? The answer lies in Butterfingers.

"About 2 years ago, I first saw Bart Simpson’s silhouette in a pile of crumbled Butterfingers while prepping for brownies," Tisha tells MTV News. "I draw inspiration from what I see on television, social media, magazines, music, etc. I have quite the fascination for popular culture."

Tisha Cherry

And from that point forward, it was history in the (b)aking.

"Typically when I look at my food and the ingredients, the shapes and colors pop into my brain like building blocks. Then I try to translate that idea onto my plate along with some inspired wordplay."

Tisha Cherry

Tisha says she's received a huge response from the hip-hop community, creating odes to Wu-Tang on a nearly weekly basis because "the Wu-Tang brand has connected with me and have been very supportive of anything I make that's Wu inspired."

Like these "Sweet Baby Raekwon Ribs."

And this royal P Bey & Jay sandwich.

She found Snoop Dog in her dumplings.

And realized how sweet Kimye could be.

She likes to wake up with a little Weezy and sizzurp.

And even found The Roots in her fruit.

She took Drake's Cakes to a whole new level.

And kept it cool with Nas.

She believes R. Kelly can really fry.

And knows Biggie is the King Cheese.

She's even that one thing Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum have been missing all along...

But Tisha's favorite piece. Well, that would be the "Hall-al and Oates"

"[It's] Daryl Hall and John Oates with Halal Lamb and Chicken on a pita, and my favorite for three reasons: I LOVE Hall and Oates, it was delicious, and it was an awesomely awful pun."

Check out more of Tisha Cherry's mouth-watering "Art In The Eats" creations (and more puns than any person can handle) on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.