'Predator' Reboot Recruits 'Iron Man 3' Director

Hey, Billy...

These days, news of a movie reboot is more often met with a groan than a cheer, but occasionally, a good property finds the right filmmaker to team up for something we can get excited about.

Speaking of which, Shane Black, who directed "Iron Man 3," has signed on to write the story for and then direct a "Predator" reboot. He's bringing along his buddy, "Monster Squad" director Fred Dekker, to write the screenplay, The Hollywood Reporter claimed in an exclusive.

A reboot of "Predator" is probably the least surprising thing that Hollywood could throw our way, but I have to say that putting Black and Dekker on this project changes my feelings about it entirely. Not only is Black coming off the massive success of "Iron Man 3," but he has a history with the series.

Fans of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie might remember that Black had a small role in the original. The story goes that Fox execs wanted Black to do a rewrite on the script before it went into production. Black was hot off of his breakthrough success with "Lethal Weapon" and turned down the offer. After a few more offers, Fox invited Black to take a small role in the film, hoping that would persuade him to help.

Black again turned down the writing job, but took the part, ending up with these two NSFW jokes.

There's no word on when the new "Predator" will come together, here's to hoping that it's sooner rather than never.

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