And Now: Some Pugs Dressed as 'Game of Thrones' Characters

Puuuugs! Puuuuuugs!!

Is there anything in the world that can't be made better by the inclusion of pugs? Obviously that is a rhetorical question and the answer is a resounding "Uh, no." And that even includes things we already love beyond a level that is likely healthy for anyone, like "Game of Thrones."

Look! It's Pug Starks and a Pug Dany and Pugly Joffrey and the Pug that knows nothing, Jon Snow. Heck there's even the Pug Viper and Robert Pugratheon. (We could go on and on, but we won't.)

And on top of that it's spoiler-free: so let the pugphoria wash over you. It's 100% guaranteed to make your day feel less ruff (sorry).