FKA Twigs' New Video For 'Two Weeks' Is Enough To Make You Melt

'I. Know. It. Huuuuuuurts.'

FKA twigs (literally, "formerly known as twigs") may just be the coolest, most mysterious "it" girl of this year. And after her "Water Me" video caught the attention of music lovers everywhere in 2013, people want to know more.

Lucky for us, the singer and dancer has an album, LP1, coming out on August 12, and she just released the first single on Tuesday (June 24), along with an accompanying video directed by Nabil.

"Two Weeks" captures everything that her music is about -- it's minimal at first, but before you know it, it's overwhelming with its layered vocals, ticking beat and throbbing synths. It's enough to make you melt.

The video is the same way, starting off with a simple focus on the singer, born Tahliah Barnett, and then panning out to see that she is an empress looking over other small, little twigs dancing beneath her.