Natasha Rothwell Insults Karlous Miller's Very Best Friend In 'Wild 'N Out' Improv Game

Now that he's been burned by one of Season 6's newbies, how will the seasoned vet respond?

Improv isn't always fun and games. For "Wild 'N Out" newbie Natasha Rothwell and returning cast member Karlous Miller, it gets personal.

In the video below, the two team up for our Comedy Improv Theater -- and are tasked with creating a scene using the words "tweeting" and "chunk." Luckily, Karlous just happened to bring along that fake wolf head...

"I want to introduce you to my best friend that I met on Twitter," he says, affectionately rubbing what just became a prop.

Natasha's retort: "I don't have to go online for my friends. I have real people friends."

Not bad for the new girl.

Check out the full clip, and don’t miss the Season 6 premiere of "Wild 'N Out" July 2 at 11/10c on MTV2!