This 'True Detective' Bootleg DVD Cover Is Perfectly, Hilariously Awful

Amazing Perform. Full Frontal Action.

There's nothing quite as delightful as a really good, really bad bootleg DVD cover, and the one for "True Detective" (via reddit) is oh so perfect.

The hit HBO series has finally made it to the shelves of shady flea markets everywhere, and the resulting booklet cover meets the high bar set by the show.

Let's just break this down for a second.

To start, Matthew McConaughey's face is sloppily pasted onto Brad Pitt's body from "Killing Them Softly."

Then — because no gun means no fun — some Photoshop master added a handgun to this publicity still from the show.


And forget the modern wasteland of southern Louisiana. Las Vegas is a much sexier setting. Add some cops running away from an explosion and "Amazing Perform. Full Frontal Action," and you have a much better DVD.

At least they spelled "McConaughey" correctly.