Which 'Teen Wolf' Kiss Set Off More Sparks: Stalia's Or Stydia's?

Stiles locked lips with Malia on the Season 4 premiere, but we're not sure it beats the time he got thisclose to Lydia.

pan*ic at*tack — n. A sudden feeling of acute and disabling anxiety symptomized by shortness of breath, loss of focus and/or accelerated heart rate. Sometimes leads to making out.

When struck with debilitating feelings of anxiety, some people pop a prescribed Xanax or take a few deep breaths. Others, apparently, opt for a good old-fashioned smooching session.

Malia chose the latter on last night's "Teen Wolf" premiere, when struggling to use her newfound werewolf abilities — including a heightened sense of hearing — to determine the whereabouts of Scott, Kira and Lydia.

Stiles, who has a history of anxiety and panic attacks himself, gave the best advice he could: "Just focus on the sound of my voice -- anything you have to do, just try to concentrate."

Malia promptly took that tip and ran with it, locking lips with him 'til she calmed down. The girl is very resourceful.

Werecoyote-turned-homegirl clearly has a thing for our beloved human hero. She did, after all, once ask him to swipe her V-Card. But the kiss reminded us of another time Stiles sucked face with a lovely lady: the infamous Stydia smooch. You remember it: the one where Lydia swapped spit with Stiles in a bid to chill his nerves after his sheriff pop went missing?

We're so torn. Malia and Lydia are both quick-witted beauties. While Stydia have years of history, thanks to a deep friendship (and longtime crush on Stiles' end), Stalia have undeniable sexual chemistry (and a history of making out on dusty couches).

So, putting your Stydia-ship and Stalia-ship loyalties aside and focusing on the kisses alone, which do you favor? Cast your vote, and keep tuning in to "Teen Wolf" Mondays at 10/9c.

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