5SOS And The Vamps Fan Fiction Turned Real: See The Photo

The Australian and British princes of boy-bandery have met.

Tumblr, don't fail me now. Earlier today (June 24), a photo got posted to The Vamps' official Instagram account that shows drummer Tristan Evans and bassist Connor Ball casually chatting about "hairspray and bearded dragons" with 5 Seconds Of Summer's Mikey Clifford and Ash Irwin, and -- oh my god -- did some practitioner of "The Secret" manifest this fan fiction into real life?!?!

At least Ash seems to understand just how monumental this meeting of the man-crushes is. Look at him, staring off into the void as a vision of His Almighty the Dread Cthulhu tears a rift in the space-time continuum. Let the others act all nonchalant -- you know what this boy-band alignment truly signifies.


Based on the outfits, the photo must have been taken backstage at British radio station Capital FM's Summertime Ball on June 21, where 5SOS played tracks like "Don't Stop," "She Looks So Perfect," and a cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" -- though sadly no "Amnesia."

For their part, The Vamps' setlist included "Can We Dance," "Wild Heart," and their new Demi Lovato-featuring single, "Somebody To You."

Look for The Vamps' Somebody To You EP, which drops August 4 in the U.S., plus 5SOS' self-titled debut album when it drops stateside on July 22. Until then, you can hit up, where I'll be writing VOLUMES upon VOLUMES of horribly written fan fiction based on this one encounter.