Tonight's 'Celebrity Wife Swap' Has Already Made Heidi Montag's Mom Proud

Darlene Egelhoff thinks viewers will see a very different -- and totally real -- side of the 'Hills' alum.

Darlene Egelhoff wasn't thrilled when her daughter Heidi Montag married Spencer Pratt on "The Hills." But according to Heidi, her mother is all smiles about the couple's latest endeavor.

Tonight, Heidi will temporarily trade lives and partners with Olympic Gold medalist Amanda Beard on ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap." And though the episode has yet to air, Heidi says the promos have already given Darlene hope that the public will finally see a different, more genuine side of her little girl.

"My mom saw the preview and she told me, 'I can tell this is the first opportunity that you’ve ever had to be you,'" Heidi shared with Fox News yesterday. "It’s just great to have that moment. It was really fun to just be more authentic and be in a situation and see what happens."

"Hills" flashback: Darlene visits Los Angeles after getting word that Heidi and Spencer eloped in Mexico.

The blonde bombshell has been rather forthcoming about her own quest to become a parent despite husband Spencer's hesitation, and noted in the Fox News interview that filming tonight's episode awakened a maternal instinct in her.

"I think when [Amanda's child] Doone fell asleep on me the first night, I mean, it just really solidified my longing for motherhood -- it was everything I thought it would be," she revealed, adding that she hopes to get pregnant within a year and ultimately have two or three kids.

Spencer, however, is still perfectly comfortable waiting another decade to be a parent, according to Heids.

"So I’m working on the sooner, the better, for me. But for Spencer, the later the better. So, um, I usually win, so we’ll see what happens," she joked.

Read the full interview, and be sure to catch Speidi on tonight's "Celebrity Wife Swap" at 10/9c on ABC!

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