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Taylor Swift's Kitten Has Her In Pure Disbelief: Watch And Squeal

'Not even kitten right meow.'

Cue the "I can't evens" and the "OMFGs." Taylor Swift has posted a new video of Olivia Benson (her new kitten, for those strange folk out there who don't know who that is).

In the clip, we see lil' Olivia hanging upside-down in Tay's arms, just snoozin' on a plane. Swift seems to be in disbelief a little bit.

Want An Instagram Comment From Taylor Swift? Try This.

"I don't even know how this is happening," she said. "But it's happening. She's a really aggressive sleeper."

Fans responded similarly: "Soo good XD XD XD," "So much love for this!" and "omg that is the cutest!" One fans said she missed Meredith.

Don't worry Swifties, Meredith is probably up in first class sipping on unpasteurized sheep's milk.