Who Are Chloë Moretz's '5th Wave' Mystery Men?

We offer a pair of casting picks to share alien-battling duties.

With Chloë Grace Moretz already in place as its heroine, "The 5th Wave" was always going to need a few good men to share the screen — and fight the aliens — alongside her. And according to Moretz herself, the search is now underway for the two most important of said men: the mysterious, traumatized soldier named Zombie, and the hunky survivalist loner Evan Walker.

A tweet from the actress confirmed that she'd spent a few days in New York while the search for her co-stars kicked into gear, and advised fans to start getting stoked right now for what might be an imminent casting announcement.

This is the first hint of movement on "The 5th Wave" since Moretz was cast back in April, and there's been surprisingly little buzz about who else the producers are eyeing, which could mean this movie is setting up some relatively unknown actors to land career-making roles. But until we hear more, the field is still wide open for fantasy casting. Below, our preferred picks.

Landon Liboiron as Evan Walker

After catching our attention as a lonely gypsy werewolf on Netflix's "Hemlock Grove," Landon would be a great pick to play the tough, lonely Evan: a guy who's savvy enough to survive the alien apocalypse, and hot enough to throw our heroine off her guard.

Connor Jessup as Zombie

If you've read the book, you know that "Zombie" isn't this character's real name — and that he's got a complicated history with another major character. (If you haven't read the book, we won't spoil it for you.) Suffice to say Connor has the vulnerability and boy-next-door good looks to be a perfect Zombie, plus he's already experienced in the alien invasion genre after years of work on TNT's "Falling Skies."

"The 5th Wave" has no release date, but is slated to begin shooting by the end of this year.