Liars' New Video For 'Pro Anti Anti' May Make Your Face Melt

Watch out.

In concert, Liars' "Pro Anti Anti" is one of the most face-melting off their rather volatile Mess. So, if you think about it, their just-released video for the dissonant dance track only makes sense -- as frontman Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill's faces literally melt.

The guys -- noticeably without longtime Julian Gross, who is taking a break from Liar's current tour because of a back injury -- get statues made of their faces, display them in a museum, and watch as they melt into beautiful, colorful piles of mess. It all looks very similar to the album's chaotic artwork, which -- when Liars sat down with MTV News earlier this year -- they said more reflects their more "vibrant and visual" musical approach.

“You focus on something that is a clutter and it stands outside of the environment it’s within and you’re forced to somehow make sense of it," Hemphill said. "You focus all your time and energy… focusing on this mess of strands entertangled and really trying to make sense of it until it’s so focused that how can it be deemed haphazard.”