Enjoy The Crisp, Refreshing Scent Of Justin Bieber

Unbottle the sweet, taki-scented aroma of this fake Justin Bieber perfume. For a man or a woman.

What does Justin Bieber smell like? Besides “Confidence,” swag, dashikis (come on — look at this shirt and just try to TELL me that isn’t a modified fashion dashiki), occasional regret, and sometimes the zoo? Why, he smells like Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition — “a new fragrance for her,” which is a skoshe presumptuous and gender normative, IMO, but whatever. Lucky for you, my little Beliebers, you can save yourself a trip to the store and the uncertainty of a tester spritz. All looming questions and olfactory uncertainty surrounding Justin Bieber’s new fragrance will finally be resolved with this exclusive look at Justin Bieber’s new perfume commercial, because #promo:

Embedded from instagram.com.