Enjoy The Crisp, Refreshing Scent Of Justin Bieber

Unbottle the sweet, taki-scented aroma of this fake Justin Bieber perfume. For a man or a woman.

What does Justin Bieber smell like? Besides "Confidence," swag, dashikis (come on -- look at this shirt and just try to TELL me that isn't a modified fashion dashiki), occasional regret, and sometimes the zoo? Why, he smells like Justin Bieber Collector's Edition -- "a new fragrance for her," which is a skoshe presumptuous and gender normative, IMO, but whatever. Lucky for you, my little Beliebers, you can save yourself a trip to the store and the uncertainty of a tester spritz. All looming questions and olfactory uncertainty surrounding Justin Bieber's new fragrance will finally be resolved with this exclusive look at Justin Bieber's new perfume commercial, because #promo:

Okay, everything you saw in that commercial is totally made up for fun. Get the real story about Justin Bieber's seventh fragrance, at MTV Style. Also? Real talk? He smells like the sweet, spicy, and crunchy smell of takis with strong bergamot notes and a lingering vetiver dry-down.