'Free Agent' Laurel To Cara Maria: 'I Love You, But Stop'

The frenemies' Twitter banter has us deeply confused, but it sure is fun to follow!

In a strongly worded tweet, Laurel from "Free Agents" just accused her on-and-off BFF Cara Maria of going through life with a case of brain fog.

Here's Laurel's kind of hilarious message:

So what exactly sparked the social media intervention? Well, before we try to dissect Laurel's post, let's review the "journal" reference, for those not in the know: CM kept a diary during her time in Uruguay and shared some detailed snippets on Instagram last week. Got it? 'Kay, onward...

The girls' cyber-chat seemed to have taken off after a seemingly innocent but mysterious plea, made by Cara:

Is one of those people Laurel? Perhaps. And, presumably, after a deluge of responses, Cara Maria followed up with this message:

It's still a bit unclear, but that tweet certainly supports Laurel's urgent request to "stop."

We thought we were on track, but everything took a confusing turn after the ladies went back and forth for a bit:

Which set of girls is Cara Maria talking about? Nany might be one of them. The reason: She couldn't help but chime in, saying: "I genuinely DGAF what anyone says."

And what exactly are these "blank tweets" that Laurel is referring to? No clue. Cara Maria is officially confusing the heck out of her fellow competitors -- and us -- but isn't that why we love her?

Cara Maria, we love you, and NEVER stop.

+ What do you think this Twitter banter means, and whose side are you on? Weigh in, and be sure to see who comes out on top during the "Free Agents" finale this Thursday night at 10/9c!