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More Unreleased 2Pac Greatness: Check Out This Letter He Sent Chuck D

'Pac sent this note to the Public Enemy rapper back in 1995.

June has been an amazing month for previously unearthed 2Pac material.

A few weeks back, a 22-minute phone call from 1995 between the late rapper and Sanyika Shakur, a gang member turned author, waas posted on YouTube. The two discussed registering voters, trying to ignite social change and plenty more.

The call was recorded just days after 'Pac was released from jail in late 1995. Not long before that, he wrote Chuck D a letter, which the Public Enemy front man decided to share on Twitter over the weekend.

It seems that this is 'Pac returning a letter that Chuck had written to him, and says he was "touched" by the "show of support."

He also wrote that he had a part for the Public Enemy rapper in a movie, and wanted to work with him on a "program" that he was putting together, and asked if he'd appear on a song for his upcoming album.

'Pac ended his letter powerfully. "I do believe we can make a difference and I have every intention of doing just that," he wrote.