5 Things That Most Commonly Kill A 'Teen Wolf' Fan's Buzz

Don't mess with us today, we've got a premiere to watch.

The "Teen Wolf" Season 4 premiere is almost upon us, and we're feeling alllllll the feels right now. The show is a drug, and we're jonesing for our fix! Sadly, though, there are people, places and things that threaten to kill our natural high, and it's up to us to guard against them. Here's a list of the biggest offenders -- avoid them at all costs from the hours of 10/9c-11/10c tonight.

1. When a family member suddenly decides that they'd like to "see what this Teen Wolf show is all about," then proceeds to bombard you with questions throughout the entire hour.

2. That person who tells you it's "just a show." They need to back the eff up:

teen wolf

3. That nagging feeling your favorite character could get murdered any minute.

4. That we can't be this special "someone" for Stiles:

5. 11:01pm Monday. You mean I have to wait an ENTIRE week for a new episode?

GIFs courtesy of WhichDN, Static Tumblr, Giphy.com, LikeLeary-Loons Tumblr