Azealia Banks Dislikes Everyone Except Lana Del Rey And Kesha

Apparently she does like a few people.

Don't even bother trying to understand Azealia Banks' reasoning. The Harlem rapper has become notorious for feuding with other artists (for no legitimate reason), and after she spent last week hurling insults at T.I. and his family, now she's praising Lana Del Rey and Kesha. What?

On Sunday, Banks was probably browsing Spotify, or her iTunes library, because she started to tweet about both singers. First she wrote, "Ultraviolence is amazing. I love Lana," and then added, "I really like ke$ha. She lives in her truth."

Now, we'd like to point out that Lana Del Rey's authenticity has been questioned over and over again, since she emerged in the spotlight, and yet she's the artist that Banks is in love with? Maybe Azealia Banks just has a really soft spot for pop stars?

(T.I. on Azealia Banks' hating ways)