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Justin Bieber Fans Are Ignoring Him On Twitter For Selena Gomez Revenge

Beliebers are taking matters into their own hands.

Justin Bieber is famous for interacting with his Beliebers online (truth - it's #6 on this list of why you should love him). But recently, fans think he has been forgetting about the devoted fandom. Some of them think he's spending too much time with his IRL girlfriend Selena Gomez.

So what do you do when your idol ignores you on Twitter? Well, you ignore him right back. Hence, why the #ignorejustinproject started. What is the #ignorejustinproject, you ask? Here are the rules, posted by one fan.

That's right. Don't tweet him, DM him, ask for a follow. Nothing.

At first, a lot of Beliebers were down.

Some thought it would work to their advantage -- kind of like a scab-type situation.

But now, fans are getting furious with their fellow Beliebers.