21 Katy Perry Fans Who Next-Leveled It

The Prismatic World tour was like a pure white beam of fandom.

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- Attending a Katy Perry concert is about 40 percent pop music explosion, 10 percent Broadway musical and a hefty 50 percent total fan meltdown (in a good way). Perry's KatyCats are much more loyal versions of your average, purring housecat -- and the "Roar" singer is undoubtedly their lovable, crazy cat lady.

Perry peppered the kick-off to the North American leg of her Prismatic World Tour -- which included tons of tracks off Prism, along with fan favorites like "Firework" -- with shout-outs to fans of all ilks. She praised her KatyCats who have been with her since the "Mannequin" days -- off of 2008's One Of The Boys -- and asked if they would still be around when she debuted at "#90" rather than "#1" and "can't afford couture." The answer was a resounding roar that exploded my eardrums and made me deaf and sounded like the below:

Despite the manic screaming, though, Katy Perry's return to the U.S. had the distinct feel of hanging with all your pals in your arts camp bunk -- times a few thousand. She handed out pizza to the front rows while gabbing about the rivers of post-performance sweat pouring down her sides -- thanks, shiny costumes -- and inspected the hand-drawn signs many a KatyCat lifted toward her in supplication ("We will love you unconditionally!" many said). She also brought one lucky fan born this month onstage during "Birthday" and gave her the royal treatment -- throne, acrobats, balloons and all. It reminded me of my 13th birthday at the roller skate rink but not at all because the coolest thing there was the animatronic animal band and not Katy Perry.

Yup, even the most hardened of cynical hearts -- present company included -- would be hard-pressed to feel nothing in the presence of such a reciprocal lovefest.

MTV News wandered around the crowd before and during the show to find the most loyal KatyCats the assemblage had to offer. It was hard to narrow it down to the below, but, for real -- these guys deserve a slice of pizza or three. Check it:

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