Firefly Music Festival

11 Things You'll Only See At Firefly Music Festival

What separates the Dover, Delaware fest from the rest?

By Christina Garibaldi and Cory Midgarden

With an increasingly crowded music calendar, each summer festival has to work really hard not only to book bands, but to create an atmosphere that sets themselves apart from all the rest.

From the first-on-the-calendar uniqueness of Coachella to the beauty-on-the-beach that is Hangout Music Festival and of course the lovable weirdness of Bonnaroo the next stop on the summer music calendar, Firefly festival in Dover, Delaware is no different.

Of course there are plenty of shirtless dudes, flower crowns and the occasional person passed out in the crowd from a little too much fun, but what truly separates Firefly is it's ability to produce a uniquely serene and beautiful festival experience in the middle of the woods, something that makes for some amazing only-at-Firefly moments.

1. Vic Mensa Pretending He's On Team U.S.A.

2. G-Eazy Making His Own Pool Rules

3. An Emotional Dawson Leery

4. A Hot Air Balloon

5. The Loch Ness Monster ... Taking A Selfie

6. A Crowd Surfing Teletubbie

7. Firefly's Very Own Ale

8. People Hanging From A Chandeliers...

9. ... And In Hammocks

10. A Caged Elephant ... At Cage The Elephant

11. And The Most Delicious Looking Festival Goers Anywhere