Fans Are Loving Ed Sheeran’s ‘I’m A Mess’ … Because We’ve All Been There

Commiserate with your fellow Sheerios!

Today, MTV premiered its fourth and final track from Ed Sheeran‘s new album X “I’m A Mess” and it’s another lovelorn song. While lost love might be a common theme for the young singer, this time, he’s the one that messed up, and of course the Sheerios are loving it.

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A lot of Ed’s songs take someone else to task for hurting him but this one seems more self-reflective and self-critical. “And oh, I’ve only caused you pain,” goes part of a verse, and the chorus includes the halting thought: “Easy baby, maybe I’m a liar.” Usually, Ed is putting women on blast for breaking his heart, but here, he opens up and admits his own mistakes, a feeling that his fans are easily connecting with.

But there’s a few odd lines, like “put your faith in my stomach” that have fans scratching their heads.

Mostly, everyone is just ready to commiserate with Sheeran—we’re all a gigantic mess sometimes.