Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Here's What Happens When Demi Lovato Gets Bored Signing Autographs

Thug life.

When Demi Lovato gets bored signing autographs, you never know what she'll scribble on a photo along with her signature. Last night she played an intimate show to celebrate the opening of Microsoft's new store in Garden City, Long Island.

Two hundred fans were lucky enough to meet Demi and get her autograph, but instead of just signing the photos, she began to draw on them too (and document the ensuing loopiness).

Demi with a beard? That's an autograph you'll never forget. Her fans were loving the chance to see a goofy side of Demi, and she seemed to be having fun too. Check out the other fun pics she (and her fans) posted to Twitter.

Gotta love a superstar who doesn't take herself too seriously. Demi's never lost her sense of humor and that's one of the reasons we love her!